Friday, July 26, 2024

Friday Night Mix Up #7

Huge Events
Special Guests:
Bassment Displacement, Newgate Crowd, Antics Roadshow & GUUE
The Balcony

Huge Events presents another stacked Friday night of local bands.

Emerging from the much-loved indie music scene, Bassment Displacement is a psychedelic/surf rock band that has captivated audiences with their enthusiasm and inexplainable vibe. They are testing the waters with live gigs, sticking to mostly covers of well-known pub bangers for a fantastic atmosphere and massive energy. They include their original song which is soon to be out on all services, and will keep creating anthemic bangers.

Once upon a time (circa 2019) in the Barossa Valley, a quirky guitarist met a loveable drummer and they fell in love. The two played their instruments and flirted with others, before realising, a very special someone was missing from this glorious chemistry. The quirky guitarist remembered sometime before; how fun it had been jamming with this feisty little bass player also with great taste in music. The tension had been electric. So, the 3 jammed, it was magic and in 2021, Newgate Crowd was born. 3 quirky, creative musician nerds, playing so hard that their fingers bled, with a desire to make awesome music and play to awesome crowds.

Antics Roadshow are coming to a venue near you. Leave your crockery at home folks, because this bundle of boisterous pelicans will have you jumping around like there are ants in your socks. The secret is in riff-rock funk combination technology which will have you catching yourself out humming our riffs while doing the DISHES.

GUUE, formerly “the Patrick Five”, is a 3-piece indie rock-ish band from Adelaide, forged in the fires of a COVID-locked-down high-school in 2020. Their goal is simple: continue to push the boundaries of the indie genre, progressing music in a new direction to create simply good sounding music that can resonate anyone. Guitarists Patrick McGrath and Dhiren Karunanithi-Carter combine to provide intricate and groovy riffs, melding technical playing with inspiring melodies. Bassists Jonah Emswiler and Dhiren Karunanithi-Carter, alongside drummers Declan Jones and Dhiren Karunanithi-Carter embody the perfect balance of forming the backbone of the group, while still exhibiting their extraordinary talent.

$4 schooners before 8:30pm, giveaways and more!