Opening Hours

When are you open?
The Hotel is open for gigs, drinks, dining and functions Wednesday through to Sunday from 3pm.

Our kitchen is open from 3-9pm. We source our food and beverages locally as much as possible, so by grabbing a meal with us you’re helping to kick-start our suppliers too.

On the 1st and 4th Saturdays of the month we open for lunch from 12.30pm.
On the 2nd and 3rd Saturdays of the month we open from 2pm.

Bookings are encouraged and recommended as we cannot always guarantee a table on busy nights - You can pre-book via this website or contact The Gov on 8340 0744 / functions@thegov.com.au

Please note on busy nights we run a short menu to get you where you need to go on time, please call ahead if you want to know what menu we will be running on specific nights.

Head over to our Gig Guide to check out what is on offer, and subscribe to our mailing list for weekly updates and special offers!

*Times vary and are subject to change due to Venue andEntertainment Centre shows where we may open on a Monday and Tuesday night, or earlier on select days.
Safe Spaces
We promote a safe space for musicians and music lovers alike to come as you are.

If someone is making you feel uneasy, you experience or witness violence, harassment, or inappropriate behaviour, or you feel unwell, our friendly staff are trained to respond and are here to help.

We’re here to ensure you have the best time possible, in an environment that is enjoyable and safe for everyone.
Who let the dogs out?
We did!! For those that are wondering your four legged furry friends are allowed and encouraged in the Gov Gardens.

Of course, all assistance doggies are allowed in our indoor spaces too. Don’t be surprised if our lovely staff come and show your pooch some gov love.


Entertainment Centre Show Menu
On nights when there is a show at the Entertainment Centre (across the road) we run a short menu in our restaurant to ensure you’re on time for the event! Check it out HERE

*When reserving a table we do recommend a minimum dine time of 2 hours before you need to be across the road.
Can I organise a function for my workplace/school/ping-pong club?
Yes you can. Please take a look at the Functions section of our website. Nat will be happy to help you plan your event – functions@thegov.com.au
Hey, I don't suppose we can split the bill?
Yes! You can! Just let our friendly wait-staff know when you ask for the bill.

We have an ATM in the front bar if you require cash.


Can't you tell I'm over 18!?! I have tattoos....
In short, no, and we just can’t take your word for it either. As a licensed premises, we are required by law to ensure everyone has a valid form of ID and if they’re buying booze, are legally allowed to do so.

What is a valid form of ID you ask? Well, these are the accepted forms of ID as per Liquor Licensing Regulations…

•Current Driver’s License.
•Current Passport.
•Proof of Age Card (issued after October 2006)We do not accept…
•Foreign Driver’s License
•School / TAFE / Uni ID Cards.
•Paper receipt for recently renewed license.
•Construction / White Cards.
•Birth Certificates without accompanied photo identification
•Bank Cards.
•Fire Arm License.
•Fakies. (Just a waste of your money).
•Notes from your parents.
Can I purchase gift cards?
You sure can - what is better than giving the gift of music?

Gift cards are available to purchase here
Looking to buy tickets for sold out gigs?
Tixel is our recommended resale platform for any sold out show. Tickets are verified and will be transferred to your details once purchase is finalised so you can feel secure in your purchase.

You’re welcome to use this venue link as it will never change, and only direct fans to shows at The Gov: tixel.com/au/tickets/the-gov
Seriously, it's loud...
Sound affects people in different ways. We record and maintain all our sound levels, but if you’re worried about your hearing ask to grab a set of earplugs from our venue bar. They’re $2 per pair.
So what can I do, and what can't I do?
Well, if you provide us with acceptable Photo ID [Valid Drivers License, Government issued Proof of Age Card or Passport], then you can be admitted to the show and served alcohol. Sorry team but Student IDs or photos of your Driver’s License just won’t cut it!

If you rock up to a show drunk, you can’t come in. No thongs or steel cap boots are allowed in the venue. And dangerous behaviour including crowd surfing, stage diving, moshing and violent dancing is not allowed. If you break any of these rules, we will remove you from the venue immediately without warning or refund and if you’ve been a real wally, we’ll ban you.

Be cool. Ok?
Where do I buy tickets?
Click here to go to our online Gig Guide section to select a show and purchase tickets online with your credit card.

We no longer sell tickets over the counter, however, we can assist you with your e-ticket purchase if you get stuck. Call Nat on 8340 0744 for ticketing assistance.

Always remember when you’re buying tickets to any show to go through a registered ticketing outlet. If you purchase your tickets through a third party or resale site, we cannot guarantee your entry on the night!

We do not recommend buying tickets through Viagogo
Can I buy tickets at the door?
We cannot guarantee that tickets will be available at the door. If you really want to see a show it’s best for us and the artists to secure your ticket!

Door sales are only available in the event the show doesn’t sell out prior. Generally, tickets sold on the door are at a higher price point.
Looking to buy tickets for sold out gigs?
Tixel is our recommended resale platform for any sold out show. Tickets are verified and will be transferred to your details once purchase is finalised so you can feel secure in your purchase.

You’re welcome to use this venue link as it will never change, and only direct fans to shows at The Gov: tixel.com/au/tickets/the-gov
Is the show seated or standing?
All shows at the Gov are general admission / standing room unless specified.

We provide seating where possible when the show doesn’t sell out. For a sold out show, it’s generally always standing room only.

Please give Nat a call on 8340 0744 if you require or want to enquire about access seating.
Does The Gov have wheelchair access?
Yes, we do. The Gov is fully accessible to wheelchairs.

*if you have access needs please call or email Nat on 8340 0744.
*If you have a companion card and would like to attend the show please email

info@thegov.com.au with a copy of your companion card and details of the show you are attending.
Can I attend a show if I’m under 18?
You can attend any show at The Gov if you are accompanied by your parent and you must leave the premises before midnight. You can also attend designated ‘all ages’ shows unaccompanied. There are no pass-outs at ‘all ages’ shows for under 18s.
What about if I bring a mate that’s over 18?
Nope. It needs to be Mum or Dad – sorry.
Can I bring a recording device to a show?
No. Don’t be that guy. Unless you have the artist’s prior approval, keep your phone/camera/etc. in your pants.
I play the tuba in an awesome band. Can I play at The Gov?
We love all instruments, support all musicians, and we’d love to hear your band.

You can get in touch with us to discuss it by emailing frontbargigs@thegov.com.au
Strobe & Hazer
Our shows do have use of strobe lighting and hazers.
How do I know if my ticket is valid?
The Gov is an official ticketing partner of Oztix and all of our shows are available online. Occasionally there will be a small allocation of tickets available via another outlet such as Moshtix, Ticketek, Ticketmaster or Eventbrite, however, this is on a show by show basis.

We strongly advise customers against buying from resale sites like Viagogo and recommend that tickets are only purchased from registered ticketing providers. If you are unsure, please feel free to call the venue on 8340 0744 email info@thegov.com.au to confirm.

We cannot guarantee tickets purchased from resale sites (like Viagogo) will be valid for the performance.

Getting There & Parking

Do you offer accommodation?
No, The Gov doesn’t have any accommodation. But we are only a short distance from North Adelaide where you can find many options to suit your budget OR if you snag a hotel on North Terrace - you can catch the FREE tram straight to our door!
Where can I park?
There is plenty of free and paid parking close by along Gibson Street, Station Place and within walking distance around Hindmarsh and Bowden.

You can park in the Raptis Carpark along Gibson Street (which costs $5 for 24 hours, everyday of the week). Alternatively, you can park across the road at the Entertainment Centre (which costs $4 during the day or $12 after 6pm).
What about public transport?
There is a tram available from the Adelaide CBD which is free to use! Just jump on anywhere along King William Road or North Terrace and get off at the Entertainment Centre stop. See the timetable here.

You can also catch a 151, 152, 153 or 155 bus from North terrace in the city and get off at the Entertainment Centre.

You could also walk or cycle the scenic route along the River Torrens from the city which is quite lovely and shouldn’t take longer than an hour.
How much for a cab?
A cab ride from the city to The Gov will cost you around $15.
Where do I send my feedback, complaints and praises?
Not Facebook. Please email us at info@thegov.com.au - we’d love to hear your thoughts!