Friday, August 16, 2024

Dieter Horvat - Friday Night Live & Local

Special Guests:
Free Entry
The Gibson Stage

This weeks talented feature artist is Dieter Horvat.

Finding peers in ramblers and outsiders (from the likes of Blaze foley, John Martin and Nick Drake) Award winning singer/songwriter Dieter Horvat’s shows are as rich with humour and energy as they are with thoughtful introspection.

Starting a career in music as a drunken fluke, Dieter’s first full shows were on tour opening for Victorian folk artist James MCQ in 2018. In dire straits he learned to busk, and where it is best to discreetly pitch a tent and avoid trouble.

Returning to his home city of Adelaide, Dieter has accrued a small collection of writing and performance awards, plus working as the Frontman of the bombastic rock “The Sundials”. He now looks to release his Debut EP and return to the Road, where his music Career started.

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