29 Jul 2016

MEET THE BREWER (JUL 20) Reviewed by Eventadelaide

What happens when the best music venue in Adelaide teams up with a badass local brewing company that produces some sweet beer-y sips?  An epic evening of beer-themed food, drinks, laughs, and good music!

Now, I’m going to be brutally honest here – I am not a fan of beer *cue in gasps and shocks* BUT hear me out! This event may have made me lean more towards the love o’meter for beer. You all can now catch your breaths again, because everything is right in the world again.
The team at Eventalaide was invited to the first of what will hopefully be many, many events of beer appreciation.
Big Shed Brewing Co. has been in existence for the past two years, but the story starts way back in 2002, when the crew began experimenting with the flavours and created the fruit-flavoured beers that we thoroughly enjoyed at this event last night.
We were treated to a scrumptious 4-course meal, which was accompanied with the signature beers that were the stars of the night!

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