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30 Aug 2016

Gov Family Facts: We Like, We Like To Party (Plan)

There’s just something about a country girl, and their uncanny ability to always make you feel welcome, which is one (of the many reasons) why we just love our Teagan. If you need something done, she’s on the case with a smile on her face and both a colleague and a friend. If you’re ever in the bar on a Friday night, swing by and say hi, she’ll love ya for it!


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16 Aug 2016


Some people prefer the strong, silent types, which is why we’re lucky to have Col. Just like a Ronan Keating song, he says it best when he says nothing at all. Count yourselves lucky we got him to fill in this Q & A.


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9 Aug 2016

Peter Garrett & The Alter Egos @ The Gov Review

Music and activism still matter to Peter Garrett; and he still matters to us.

During the Opening Ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, Peter Garrett and Midnight Oil sent a profound, political statement regarding the plight of indigenous Australians. Shortly afterwards, he embarked on a political career.

Sixteen years later, as the Brazilian sun rose on Rio de Janeiro, the gangly and enigmatic environmental warrior shed his business suit, buttoned up an indigenous print shirt and took to The Gov stage (6 August) in a manner that suggested that his foray into federal politics was just a very bad dream.


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8 Aug 2016

Regurgitator + Horrorshow + Ball Park Music

Hello Gov Lovers,

We’ve been reflecting today on the great vibe there is at The Gov week in and week out. It’s hard to put a finger on what makes it happen, but it’s got a lot to do with those of you who come and share in what we’re doing here.

Whether it’s seeing a touring band, grabbing a meal, or chatting in the front bar as the sound hillbilly fiddling floats through the air, the place wouldn’t be the same without our huge Gov family.

We’d love you to join in the fun on Friday, 5 August for our Horses Birthday front bar party from 5-7pm. Dress up in your best jockey outfit, bake a cake to enter into our competitions or just come along and have some fun.

We hope to see you there.


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