The Gov - Full Gig


Presented By Metropolis Touring & Tombowler

“This isn’t a rock concert. We’re in this together. We are a fuckin’ family, and this is Heavy Metal Psychotherapy 101!” - Chad Gray

Brace yourself for some Southern-Fried Metal when HELLYEAH finally return for a headline tour of Australian & NZ this coming August!

HELLYEAH is a supergroup that lives up to the title. Featuring the unique vocals of Chad Gray from Mudvayne; the power hitter that is Vinnie Paul of Pantera fame; bone crushing riffs from Tom Maxwell of Nothingface; alongside Christian Brady (Überschall) and Kyle Sanders (Bloodsimple and brother of Mastodon’s Troy Sanders) HELLYEAH are in a league of their own with their own. Their distinct sound and a stage presence is probably best described as pure metallic fury.

“Hellyeah’s performance was everything anyone could have asked for and then some.”—Cryptic Rock

“This is now an in-your-face, metal eruption.”—On Stage Review

After roughly eight years, three albums, countless tours as headliners and as participants on “can’t miss” festival bills, HELLYEAH have gone for the jugular with “Blood for Blood” - every song on the album clamps down and doesn’t let go. The band’s live shows have been more intense than ever with earlier material seeing the band and the crowd going nuts and moshing all over. HELLYEAH live in 2015 delivers the best of both worlds.

“All in all, ‘Blood for Blood’ seems like an album tailor made for the stage, and Hellyeah now have the lineup to pull it off. Trust us when we say that this is definitely an album you’ll want to see the band showcase as much as possible in their live sets.”—Loudwire

HELLYEAH fans are huge in number and these shows are going to be packed. Expect back breaking mosh pits, throat destroying scream-alongs and a sense of weight being lifted from your shoulders. This band is full-on dedicated to ensuring their shows are as much about the fans as about the band so these shows will be something special!

“Hellyeah’s live show is not one to be missed as its intensity was something you could feel.”—Ultra 5280

“Hellyeah came out strong, truly coinciding with the characteristics of the new album ‘Blood for Blood‘. The conflagration-like screams of vocalist veteran Chad Gray were so fierce, they could have been incendiary”—Rock Roll Mag

The Gov | Tue 25 Aug

Tickets: $59 + Booking Fee

Doors open @ 7:30 pm
Life Pilot - 8pm