The Gov - Full Gig

The Gov's Got Talent!


Here’s a secret, The Gov has some mighty talented staff, and this Saturday thanks to blatant nepotism and a little bit of bribery, they’re playing us a tune or two!

Music from 9pm.

Luke Willis is a singer song writer specialising in crude and hilarious music. He has songs that’ll make you cringe, laugh, and sometimes even say awww. His 2012 release pizza and chips will have you grinning from ear to ear and leave you wondering if perhaps you should eat ice cream for breakfast tomorrow.

The voice of the collective organism known as Quantim McLoud divides his time between host vessels in South Australia’s blossoming suburban Goddess-worshipping scene and a variety of pubs & watering holes that orbit our local star-cluster. Unfathomable, like the Tao, as a Temporary Autonomous collective inhabiting a human form, the lightning spirit Quantim McLoud delivers thigh-slappin’ toe-tappin’ celtic folkpunk melodies, with sporadic interruptions of humurous anecdotes.

This show is FREE to attend in The Front Bar.