The Gov - Full Gig


with Sons of Zöku, OKO, iiah, The Howling Fog, Aura Form and The Unset

*** TUNGUSKA ***

As a great energy tears through our universe, our atmosphere and our world, life stands still just moments before a great eruption; a force so strong that it bends and breaks all that is familiar.
A great power is accumulated in the destruction of what was, giving space for the endless possibilities of what will be. The foundations and structures of beliefs are changed forever, as new ones immediately emerge. Life has been shocked into a state of renewal.
Our time of Tunguska has invoked a beautiful world of creativity, with new sounds, images and stories surfacing. We invite you to collaborate your energy with ours, as we ascend into this new world.
We are a community of creatives, sharing our light and darkness, changing the atmosphere as life stands still before us. Presenting a collection of psychedelic sounds that will lull you into the abyss, post-rock for space to experience these great energetic waves of sound, shoegaze delivering ethereal and shocking elements, inducing experimental sonic adventures.

Featuring live performances by:
Sons of Zöku
The Howling Fog
Aura Form
The Unset

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The Gov | Saturday 27 March
Tickets: $25 + Booking Fee
Doors open 6.00pm

  • All measures are taken to ensure COVID-safe compliance including:• QR Check in on entry • Social distancing with seated tables instead of standing • Reduced capacity • Sanitiser will be supplied, wash your hands • No dancing