Ethanol Blend, Glowing, Tiles and Pool Toy

Turnaround presents

Turnaround presents Ethanol Blend, Glowing, Tiles and Pool Toy.
The last Turnaround event represented a unique and humbling gathering of individuals who created an inviting and warm space not seen for months. After a deliberated period we are excited to create spaces for community and to bring together these four bands to the historic Governor Hindmarsh Hotel. For some, this is a return to the spotlight unlike anything this year.
The self proclaimed post-folk group Ethanol Blend are an ecclectic group hailing from the deep south of Adelaide. Their two released albums The Blend Part 1. and 2 are a testament to their ability to straddle the lines between a mix of genres to great effect. Their summery yet restrained music harnesses the melancholy beyond beachside South Australia. The attention to detail, work ethic and plain brilliance of their releases has set them apart as a force to watch.
Glowing is a five-piece alternative rock band from Adelaide, South Australia. Listen closely and you’ll catch traces of pop, indie rock and punk rock - all of which blend together to form a style as frenetic as it is atmospheric. Their debut single, ‘Spit Take’, was released on the 18th of March, and it’s an appropriate introduction to a band that nevertheless refrains from showing all the cards they have yet to play.
Sleepy sad dream pop pals’ is the description supplied by Tiles, a somewhat minimalist summary of what is perhaps one of the most exciting Adelaide bands in 2020. Their debut release ‘Red Wine’ was met to high acclaim, receiving airplay and praise on JJJ. The duo’s angle on dream pop is best understood through hearing their energetic and emotional debut.
New kids on the block Pool Toy join Ethanol blend as another band hailing from Adelaide’s Deep South. From all accounts their music is raucuous, sublime and we cannot wait to see them grace the venue stage.

A socially distanced event - no dancing (sorry).

We acknowledge that this event is occuring on Kaurna land and acknowledge all elders, past, present and emerging.

Turnaround Presents
The Gov | Fri 25 Sept
Tickets from $15 + bf
Doors open 7.00pm

  • Social distancing with seated tables instead of standing
  • Reduced capacity
  • Ticketing to ensure numbers are met with capacity
  • Sanitiser will be supplied, wash your hands
  • No dancing