Brenton Torrens

Album Launch

Local rapper and street performer Brenton Torrens is now making his way onto the major stage with his debut album “Starting From Scratch”. It first started with his mix-tape “The Beginning of A Legacy” where Brenton hit the studio and in a single session smashed out the vocals for all tracks in 1 take! After mixing and mastering the tracks he then released it a week later and in total has sold 109 copies! This is just an example of the “insatiable” work ethic used by Brenton Torrens when it comes to the music and to the realm of sonic arts and production. Now moving on to bigger horizons, Brenton Torrens moves up a level to taking it to the big stage and releasing his first album which yet again has been fully produced mixed and mastered by the man himself.

Brenton is a well rounded DIY artist who mixes, masters and produces all of his own tracks. First obtaining a Certificate 3 in Sonic Arts, Brenton then moved up to studying a Bachelor of Music in Sonic arts at The University of Adelaide. Already holding a series of impressive achievements under his belt, Brenton continues to display astonishing commitment and a dogged driving force to his goal of becoming a successful and famous rapper.

In addition to making beats and writing raps, Brenton Torrens is also a distinguished street performer who has regularly been gracing the streets of Adelaide city with his astonishing busking performances displaying hard hitting songs and clever witted freestyles which have earned him the title of “The best rapper in Adelaide” by local city goers. Putting in consistent grind and hustle, Brenton Torrens has amassed a solid fan-base across several platforms of social media including 928 likes on Facebook and racking up 3.2k views on YouTube. Showing that this is only the start of great things to come.

Album Launch
+ Guest DJ
The Gov | Tues 16 Jan
Tickets: $50 + booking fee
Doors open 7.30pm