with Dirty Frank

The enigmatic band ‘KENNETT’ with their raw and dynamic sound, have made an impact with their debut album, creating enthusiastic interest from their performances in 2016. Nigel the lead singer of ‘KENNETT’ has made quite an impression with his own unique sound and the ability to evoke emotion from their music.

With many years of collective music experience, ranging from playing pub gigs in original acts and cover bands to supporting the likes of Tommy Emmanuel and Dragon. Now having found their own sound they are not afraid to stand out, leaving the appreciative listener wanting more.

To help promote and get their music out to a larger audience, they are excited to be currently working with The A&R Department Australia for their upcoming single release ‘Me in You’ from their 2016 ‘Self Titled EP’.

Dirtyfrank is an acousc indie rock collaboraon of four professional musicians, Ash Jewers, Luke Walters, Morris Ewings, and Alan Cadman, with other musicians called upon as required. With members coming from various musical backgrounds, each bring with them over 20 years of song wring and stage performing experience