Showcasing the artwork of Lars Heldmann in the fireplace room

While working as a tour guide across this vast country Lars developed a love for the land and the people, and observed the wealth of flora and fauna. He was captivated by the diversity and uniqueness he saw around him.

After labouring in the remote mining industry, he came to know some of the most isolated places in the Australian outback. In such an inhospitable environment, he developed the need to do something to nourish his mind, something soulful, and thus began to engage with photography more intensely.

His goal was to train his eyes and to learn to see in different ways; taking image after image, again and again, and working on creating compositions. He discovered how important it is to value ‘the moment’, that split second where there’s the opportunity to capture the image or miss it altogether.

Sponsored by James Squire.

Exhibition runs Oct 6 - Nov 8