Dinner & Show bookings available

Sold out in every Fringe Fest since 2010… sold out for Xmas dinners at The Gov since 2011… sold out since the moment they decided to set aside their burgeoning originality and tackle the soaring harmonies and soundtrack hits of The Eagles… the Baldies bring their wry humour and bristling musicianship back to The Gov for a first-ever Sunday evening show.

A 7-piece powerhouse line-up of electric instruments, eclectic stage dress and eccentric observations on what it means to be an aged musician evoking another musical age. Or an aged audience member trying to dance the whole way through the front bars of the Hotel California.

Joining the band for only the third time is new lead guitar genius Gian “Hands Solo” Wagland, who’s finally re-emerged after going home with someone he shouldn’t have after a sold-out show at Kooyonga in June. As Russell the smugly consummate pianist says: “With four guitarists in the band one of ’em has to get something right sometime. And possibly in the right place.” You betcha.

Of course some people don’t like The Eagles. Well, the Baldies don’t like being bald. But put the two together and it’s an experience that has created new demand for old records and razors over the skull. And a rush for knee surgery after unwise and untidy dancing beyond one’s ability. The band also gives a taste of Eagles’ contemporaries, Steely Dan, Doobie Bros, Jackson Browne and Neil Young.

Supporting the Bald Eagles will be that incredible songbird Cloudy Davey, who will be joined by the band to close her set with a sweet trip through KD Lang, The Dixie Chicks, Midnight Oil and others.

Dinner is available in the venue before the performance. Spaces are LIMITED and bookings are essential. Please call 8340 0744 today.

*a valid show ticket is required for entry, and the ticket price does not include dinner.


The Gov | Sun 09 Nov
Tickets are $25 + bf
Doors Open @ 5.00pm